Saturday, December 10, 2011

A Checklist for Release Management

In the continual quest for process improvement we have come up with a basic checklist to be used before releasing systems into production. This is fairly 'lightweight' but it gets the job done:

  • Backup plan has been established and is operational
  • Anti-virus exclusions and other non-standard configuration is complete
  • Appropriate system/service monitoring is operational
  • Startup and shutdown procedures have been documented
  • System has been added to the restart schedule as appropriate
  • Initial support documentation is complete
  • Service has been added to Service Catalog
  • Appropriate asset list additions and modifications are complete
  • Service Desk has received overview and basic training
  • Go-live plan established and communicated

This checklist is completed and attached to a Change Request within our IT Service Management System and flows through a standard CAB process before the system is authorized to transition to production.

Input and suggestions are always appreciated.

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