Monday, March 14, 2011

MacBook Air Redux

Okay. Drop dead gorgeous machine and awesome form factor.

Running Project and Visio through Parallels is a novelty. I also need IE for certain management functions.  I shouldn’t need this much baggage to do my job. Running Outlook through Parallels is a crutch for anyone not running Exchange 2007 or better. Either arrangement = running Parallels = increased CPU utilization = lower battery life. Oh right, don't forget that Flash is also a huge battery suck and has a documented negative impact on battery life once installed.

There are no Mac specific applications that I am thrilled about. This may be unique to my situation.

To summarize – everything works great and as advertised. However, the new x220 will more appropriately fit my needs and desire for some really stellar battery life and minimal complexity.

To stick with my minimalist kick there are two ways to define this. One is by counting the size, weight, and quantity of physical objects. The other is by counting the logical footprint and complexity. One OS running another application running another OS to run my required applications != minimalist. It is an exercise in ‘look at me’. My two cents.

There is a larger problem here and one that I will address in a future post. Short version being – I want all my applications to run in a standards compliant browser window and I am sick of dealing with those that do not. However, our vendors and business partners keep my hands tied.

My hardware is being dictated to me. Yuck.

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