Wednesday, March 09, 2011

The MacBook Air Experiment

I am on this minimalist kick lately so I have in my possession a fully loaded MacBook Air running all of my standard office applications, VPN client, Kindle, and Project/Visio via Parallels in Coherence mode. I’ve moved most of my work documents onto this device and am headed to do some training for the next 2 ½ days. I’m leaving my trusty Lenovo X200t at the office and we will see how things go. So far all I can say is that this Apple unit is one impressive piece of hardware. Boot times are about 12 seconds, Parallels is running flawlessly, and battery life is stellar considering the size. My only gripe – I am stuck running Outlook within Parallels as Exchange 2003 is not supported by Outlook for Mac. Luckily this will be resolved from an organizational standpoint within 30 days and we will be sitting pretty on a fully redundant Exchange 2010 deployment. Progress.

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