Friday, January 15, 2010

and the projects roll on… We are currently evaluating storage solutions from EMC and NetApp. On the EMC side we are looking at a Celerra NS-120 with a Data Domain DD 660 as a VTL backup target. On the NetApp side it is a FAS3140 with potentially a FAS2040 as a VTL / replication target. The pricing looks like it will fall relatively in-line and we would certainly appreciate any thoughts on these respective disk-based backup targets. We know Data Domain is purpose built for backup but it seems the FAS can also supply many of the same functions. Any real world experience with using these platforms for VTL?


Unknown said...

Kevin, you really need to evaluate ExaGrid for your disk backup target. It is much more intelligent solution for backup than Data Domain, believe it or not. Faster, much better scalability, with no "fork lift" upgrades and a better price to boot. I am an ExaGrid employee, so I am biased, but I do look at this from the customer's point of view. ExaGrid will give you best of breed for backup, specifically. Reach out to Roy Mann at ExaGrid, for the details. I am not Roy, but he would be your contact in Montana.

Thanks for listening!

Derek said...

Hi Kevin,

This is off topic, but I did not know how to get a hold of you. My name is Derek; I got your name from Dave Pyron. I’m a network engineer for an out of state company. Most of my work is pre-sales design work, with occasional post-sales installs, all out of state. [Cisco, VMware, NetApp]

Working from home has its advantages, but also great draw-backs. I miss peer-interaction. I was wondering if there are networking related get-togethers in Missoula that I could partake in. Such as a Cisco User Group or the like. Dave said you might be an orchestrator of such meetings. Any info you could provide is greatly appreciated.

Thanks in advance for your time and have a great evening!

Regards, Derek

Kevin Rosenjack said...


Saw your post. We did not have much luck with a Cisco specific user group in Missoula. Lately I was thinking that something more along the lines of Enterprise IT as a general subject would draw more folks. Feel free to email me at and maybe we could put something new together? I think we could get 8-10 people right away. Thanks for the interest!